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My goal has always been to achieve the audio quality of Dr. Dre while crafting my own sound. My sound is dynamic, it's bounce, it's knock. It's all that while keeping the artist clear and upfront. Whether I'm producing or mixing for an artist, my sole goal is to make their fans hear fans love their new music more than their last.


Studio Assist

Whenever you need an assist in the studio.

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The sound I seek to craft combines bounce, sometimes unexpected sounds, but remains open, leaving room for the artist. It’s about finding ways to make the artist stand out, whether that be with rhythmic support, a sonic landscape or adjustments to the arrangement. It's not just about making beats for me, it's about crafting the record around the artists and finding the best in their performance.


Mixing & Mastering.

Vocals are always centre stage and I take them very seriously. Before I even apply a single touch of effects like reverb, I make sure the vocals are clean. I take the time to manually adjust vocal harmonies (dubs) to match up by the syllable. I need to be able to enjoy the vocals raw.
They are the driving force of the song.



I'm an artist as well, crafting my own records between producing other's records. It's why I'm so focused on crafting records around an artist's delivery instead of making them fit the beat. Feel free to check out my latest release on all major platforms.

I know what it's like to be behind the mic.

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My current primary recording software of choice for mixing.

Logic Pro X

The first love (aka DAW) that got me started as a producer / engineer.

BeatMarker 3

The go rig, all within my iPad Pro letting me work anywhere.


and.. more


Creating videos to help my fellow artists and producers, hoping to make collaboration easier for everyone. You can see me break down concepts such how to record your best performance to LUNA tutorials. Everything I do is to help independent minded artists and producers.

Web Developer

Something people find surprising is that I’m a pretty damn good frontend web developer. Frontend is everything you interact with. Ive built high profile sites, this website and even a free millisecond calculator app. My long term goals is to combine my passion for music and web development.


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