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Here to make what you're working on sound amazing.

But who are you?

As a producer, audio engineer, and web developer, I can be a bit of jack of all trades. When we work together, my focus is help you shaping your sound, whether mixing or producer. As a developer, I've built Studio Assist to help fellow music creators save time.

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But who are you?

How we can work together

Current available services are


Take your recordings to the professional level they deserve.

Video Sessions

Schedule a call session to finish your mix giving real-time feedback.

Some of my work

A few features songs from my portfolio

Artwork for Irish Goodbye

Irish Goodbye Open link to song Irish Goodbye

Wren Kelly (ft. PsycThaPrince)

Contributions: Mix & Master

Artwork for The Seeds of Sorrow

The Seeds of Sorrow

Lewitt Music Challenge (ft. Spitting Ibex)

Contributions: Mix & Master

Artwork for Wu

Wu Open link to song Wu

Petey (ft. Spitty & Justo the MC)

Contributions: Produced - Mix & Master

Artwork for Daydreaming

Daydreaming Open link to song Daydreaming

Wren Kelly (ft. MAJE)

Contributions: Mix & Master

Studio Assist

The time saving app for music creators

What it can do

Avoid ruining the vibe of a recording or mixing session wasting time doing these every day tasks.

Reverb Time Calculator

Easily calculate reverb times with only the tempo of your song.

File Tempo Detector

Load a file into the app and let it tell you what the tempo is.

Never Forget a Scale

Easily find every note for every scale you can think of.

Advanced EQ Moves

The frequency of any note to apply quickly set crossover points.

File Tempo Detector
Never Forget a Scale
Advanced EQ Moves