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Take the edge off knowing you’re always making the right decisions.

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Don’t stress in high-pressure situations knowing you are always making the right decisions. Easily detect the key and tempo of any audio file, and then be given all the reverbs times, notes, and frequencies you need to make advanced mixing and production moves.

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Key Features

Make the right decisions fast

The desktop app you'll use every session

Key & Tempo Detection

Scan any file to get both the key, tempo and LUFS of a file. Never get held up when starting a session cause of being sent unlabeled files.

Perfect Reverb Times

Always get a reverb time that perfectly fits your song easily with just a tempo. Apply pre-delay and swing to customize to taste.

Make Advanced EQ Moves

Get the frequency of every note in any scale to make musical EQ moves. Especially helpful when setting multi-band cross over points.

Never Forget a Scale

It's nice to have a simple visual for the keys in your scale. Get the relative major or minor of your scale easily with a single click of a button.

Stay on Beat

Use the Tap Tempo and Metronome to keep the studio moving while setting up session files.

Stay Updated

Now with in-app updates meaning you will have the latest features installed within seconds.

What our users say

"When it comes to mixing and production: speed, accuracy, and creativity are key. That's exactly what this incredible app brings to the table - an indispensable tool that every artist, producer, and engineer should have in their arsenal."

Sean Grey (Gravy Mixes)

"I'm absolutely blown away by the efficiency I've been afforded using Studio Assist. There's no greater testament to how much it has catapulted my workflow than the fact I use it with every session. The application is fast, accurate and continuously innovative."

Lashon Evans

"I have only used Studio Assist for a week now but already know this is a go to tool for every session I work on. The ability to grab the tempo and key so quickly is very helpful. And it has been super accurate!"

Shaun Kelly (Raw Techniques Studios)

See it up close

The Secret Weapon

"My new secret weapon is not a plugin, is an external app that is actually pretty amazing. What exactly does and why you should consider having it is what we discuss in the video today."

- Elisha Record Studio

How it helps for ...

An Artist

When you've recorded and mixed your own song and can't get the reverb to fit the song, fix that by getting it in syncing it with the tempo. Put in your tempo and try out1/2 a bar to 2 bars for singers. Rappers should try timings between1/32 and 1/8 notations.

A Producer

Don't get pulled out of the zone trying to calculate what a 1/16 note reverb in milliseconds is for that piano track you composed. And if you forget which notes are in your scale, that won't be an issue anymore. You'll even be able to try out new scales with ease.

An Engineer

There is a consistency that your clients are expecting. Quickly sample different reverb times at rapid fire with click to copy millisecond values. Make EQ moves that are in tune with the key of your song when using the scale tool which overlays frequencies.

A product must have

"This is more like an all-in-one software for all producers and engineers, which provides Milliseconds Calculator, Scales & Frequencies, and Tempo Detection."

- Afa Productions

Things to know

Yes and they will come to you directly within the app. It will run a check whenever you load it up (if you're online). One click and in seconds the update is installed.

In-app update example

One of the main goals when creating Studio Assist v3 was to remove any reliance on the internet to use the app. After you have registered your device, it only checks for updates when you're online or to manage your licenses.

English, French and Spanish.

It also has light and dark mode support so you never get blinded in a dark studio.

Supports the following operating systems.

macOS Big Sur or later
Windows 10 or later