Studio Assist

A clutch studio app that saves you in high-pressure situations. It's always just an alt + tab away.

Product information

This is a multi-functional tool meant to save music creators time. The goal is for Studio Assist to be the stand alone app you always have an alt + tab away. Meaning it's the app left open in the background while working and you call it up in clutch moments to save time figuring out reverb times, getting the tempo of a file you've been sent, or recalling what notes are in a scale.

Available for macOS (Intel & Silicon) and Windows.

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Download the latest version of Studio Assist below. Purchase license to unlock Pro features.

Key Features

A faster way to get the sound you want

What you will be using the app with every session

File Tempo Detection

When you're sent a file without the BPM, drag it into Studio Assist and it will detect the tempo for you. Then it will automatically update the Millisecond Calculator to save you time.

Perfect Reverb Times

Using the Millisecond Calculator you can ensure your reverbs are in-sync with your music. Use pre-delay options to adjust the calculation. If you need a slightly off-the-grid sound, use the swing feature.

Never Forget a Scale

It's nice to have a simple visual for the keys in your scale. You can toggle between the relative major or minor of your current scale. When needing inspiration, select any scale type for your given key.

Make Advanced EQ Moves

Find the frequencies for every note in any scale to allow you to make EQ decisions that are more musical. Use this when setting your multi-band cross over points between octaves.

The spec sheet

Just all of the features listed out.

  • Calculate reverb decay time with millisecond calculator

  • Include pre-delay time which adjusts decay time calculations

  • Adjust +/- for feel with swing feature for off-grid music styles

  • Piano visual of all notes in every scale

  • Overlayed frequency for every note of in 11 octaves

  • Tempo detection by dragging and dropping files into the app

  • Multi-language support for English, French and Spanish

See it in action

See how the app will fit into your everyday workflow.

Even more videos on Studio Assist found here.

Studio Assist Overview
"My New Secret Weapon"
"Producer Must Have"
Tempo Detection
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Music By Darcy

How it helps when you're ...

An Artist

When you've recorded and mixed your own song and can't get the reverb to fit the song, fix that by getting it in syncing it with the tempo. Put in your tempo and try out 1/2 a bar to 2 bars for singers. Rappers should try timings between 1/32 and 1/8 notations.

A Producer

Don't get pulled out of the zone trying to calculate what a 1/16 note reverb in milliseconds is for that piano track you composed. And if you forget which notes are in your scale, that won't be an issue anymore. You'll even be able to try out new scales with ease.

An Engineer

There is a consistency that your clients are expecting. Quickly sample different reverb times at rapid fire with click to copy millisecond values. Make EQ moves that are in tune with the key of your song when using the scale tool which overlays frequencies.

The Kitchen Sink

The little things you should know about.

  • Each purchase provides you 3 licenses (devices)

  • Constantly saves your last known state

  • Theme supports light and dark modes

  • Language support for English, French and Spanish

  • Learn more about Studio Assist with this YouTube playlist

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