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UAD Spark Mix Template (LUNA)

UAD Spark Mix Template (LUNA)

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Get the most out of your UAD Spark subscription with LUNA Mixing Template - a custom routing configuration featuring 100% UAD Spark plugins. Enhance your mixing workflow and take your productions to the next level. No additional purchases are necessary - this template is all you need. Purchase now and receive access to a private training video to maximize your template usage. Upgrade your mixing sessions with LUNA Mixing Template today.


- UAD Spark Subscription
- Built with LUNA v1.4.7

Making your mixing easy

100% UAD Spark

This template do not require you to make additional purchases plugins to use and has plenty of room to add your own.

Stem Exports

File exporting made easy with pre-routed stem busses (bass, drums, melody and vocals), a submix and loud mix busses.

Send Routing

Reverb and delays are routed to make your workflow effortless with summed busses to easily process your desired room effects.

Template Walkthrough