Frequently Asked Questions

Studio Assist

You will be granted three (3) licenses with each purchase. To purchase more than three, within the Licenses page of the app's settings, click to "Add more licenses".

Yes, each device is a device. With each purchase, you receive three (3) licenses allowing you to use three devices / computers.

Yes, you must use the same email you originally purchased the app. This email is used to verify your order and assign licenses to you account.

You likely need to activate your account, be sure to look for an activation email before proceeding.

No, you would not have an account. To create an account, click on "create an account" within the app. When you create your account, you will receive an activation email, you must first activate your account. Then you can go back to the app, login and name your device.

Not always. You will need to be online to login and assign a license to your computer. When you subsequently load up Studio Assist again, it will run a background check to see if you have removed the license for that computer. This check will not happen if you are currently offline and will not block you from using the application.

When you load up the app and have an internet connection, it will run a small background check to ensure you hae not deactivated the license for said computer. If you have not verified the device within 30 days, it will ask you to re-login to verify your device.

Unfortunately, some users have reported seeing a white screen that we have yet been able to reproduce consistently and resolve. Please try using version 1.9.0 (found here) to see if it resolves the issue for you.